Brookville State Championship Apparel Order Information

The last order will be sent on Jan. 31. Orders must be placed on or before January 30th......
To order state championship apparel, print the order form below and fill it out. Orders must be pre-paid. You may write a check to Brookville High School and mail the order form and check to the school, or take it by the school office between 8 AM to 3 PM. The school office phone number is 434-239-2636.  (Prices are shown in the form)

Be sure to put this in the memo section of your check:  "BHS Champs Fund"

Order forms and checks may be sent to the school to:

Brookville High School
  Attention Cindy Tyree
  100 Laxton Road
  Lynchburg, VA 24502

The profit of those sold through Brookville High School will go strictly to raise money for the football players state rings. These football players deserve those rings, and they are over $140 each. Please support this fundraiser and celebration by purchasing your sweatshirts and T-Shirts from Brookville High School.

Order form in PDF format          Order form in MS-Word 2003 format              Order form image             

Brookville can now order State Champ ball caps for $15. Picture will be online when I can get one.

There is now a picture down below of the white short-sleeve t-shirt.