Blue Ridge Festival Of Bands
Saturday October 12th, 2002
Brookville High School

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3:00 PM Brookville Middle School Star Spangled Banner
3:15 PM Lynchburg Christian Academy A
3:30 PM Rustburg High School A
3:45 PM William Campbell High School A
4:00 PM Halifax High School AA
4:15 PM Altavista High School AA
4:30 PM Judges Break  
5:00 PM Prince George High School AAA
5:20 PM Fieldale-Collinsville High School AAA
5:40 PM Jefferson Forest High School AAA
6:00 PM Brookville High School Exhibition
6:30 PM Awards Presentation  


3:15 pm - Lynchburg Christian Academy
Director: Heidi Krone
Staff: Wendy Storey, Michael Tinker
Band: 22 playing members, 7 guard, 30 total
Drum Majors: Charity Carwile
Drum Captains: Kent Maitland
Horn Line Captains: Matt Kimmons/ Lauren Hawkins
Repertoire: Main Street America, Simple Gifts,
  (Yankee Doodle Drum Break—When Johnny), Amazing Grace,
  Trooper’s Battle Hymn, and America, Let Freedom Ring

3:30 pm Rustburg High School
Director: Michael Straw
Staff: Victoria Meredith, Rhonda Smith, Travis Holt, Killis Marshall,
  Amie Milgrim, Aron Freeman
Drum Majors: Sarah Wall
Drum Captains: Evan Puckett
Guard Captains: Lauren Williams, Amy Banton
Horn Line Captains: Christina Tucker
Repertoire: The Piano Man Tour: The Music of Billy Joel and Elton John

3:45 pm William Campbell High School
Director: William Hanson
Band: 21 playing members, 8 guard, 29 total
Drum Majors: Jarrett Booker
Drum Captains: Randell Dickerson
Guard Captains: Cyndal Willams/ Melissa Roach
Horn Line Captains: Kameelah Hamlor/ Walter L. Pillow
Repertoire: From Rock to Bach and Back (Meet the Flinstones, Noises On,
  Bach Chorale #4, Sing Sing Sing, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida)


4:00 pm Halifax County High School
Director: Martha W. Stevens
Staff: Domonic Stephens
Band: 45 playing members, 13 guard, 59 total
Drum Majors: Sheree Tucker
Drum Captains: Kevin Carr, Travis Vaden
Guard Captains: Ashley Carrington, Katina Carrington
Horn Line Captains: Jamie Albert
Repertoire: I Want You Back, The Colour of My Love, Sweet,
  Sweet Baby, I Turn to You

4:15 pm Altavista High School
Director: Russell Pawlas
Staff: Kathy Jackson, Jennifer House, Jonathon Yeatts, Elizabeth Copes,
  Brandon King, Stephanie Moenkamp, Matt Lowder, Allen Kilgore, and Kim Witt
Band: 45 playing members, 13 guard, 59 total
Drum Majors: Chris Carter
Drum Captains: Matt Lewis, Paula Melton
Guard Captains: Jennifer Sowers, Kelsey Jackson, Martha Copes
Horn Line Captains: Dustin Thacker, Rachael Beaton, John Farmer, Paul Hissam
Repertoire: Oriental Images (Korean Folk Song, Inchon, Miss Saigon)


4:30 pm Judges Break



5:00 pm Prince George High School
Director: Michael Warnock
Staff: Sara Satterfield, Stephanie Satterfield, Mark Pettaway
Band: 58 playing members, 10 guard, 70 total
Drum Majors: Monica Washington, Kelvin Spearman
Repertoire: Selections from “Grease”

5:20 pm Fieldale-Collinsville High School
Director: C. Bonnell Young
Staff: Scott Allred, Gary Harner, Adam Guilliam, David Coleman
Band: 70 playing members, 17 guard, 89 total
Drum Majors: Lauren Joyce, Whitney Smith
Drum Captains: Josh Wilson, Cory Neamo
Guard Captains: Courtney Hale, Emily Lawrence
Repertoire: Fanfare for the Common Man, Afro-Brasilo,
  All Things Bright and Beautiful, Rain Forest

5:40 pm Jefferson Forest High School
Director: David Webb
Staff: Harry Farmer, Jennifer Wilson, Amy Ramsburg, Dave Ramsburg,
  Jim Mutchler, Stan Kominic, David Noland, Michelle Farley, Ryan Naugle
Band: 110 playing members, 38 guard, 151 total
Drum Majors: Neil Gunter, Tabitha Jones, Carol Ann Maddox
Drum Captains: Kenny Kominic, Tressie Norton, Danielle Renner, Sarah Miear
Guard Captains: Katie Lewis, Tina Blue, Emilia Szachowicz
Horn Line Captains: Erin Crowder, Wes Ballard
Repertoire: “Leonard Bernstein’s New York” featuring Times Square: 1944,
  Wrong Note Rag, On the Waterfront, and Tonight


6:00 pm Brookville High School
Director: Bryan J. Ralls
Staff: Ken Marks, Corey Davies, Evan Hampton, Roy Helm, Victor Gallier
Band: 52 playing members, 13 guard, 67 total
Drum Majors: Kelly Stone, Heather Bryan
Drum Captains: Zach Grinnan
Guard Captains: Jenna Jenschke, Hannah Hampton, Melissa Sullivan
Horn Line Captains: Matthew Farley,
Repertoire: Night Train, In the Mood, Birdland, Sing Sing Sing

6:30 pm Awards Presentation