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  Foreign Exchange Students Who Have Attended BHS

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This section was set because it was suggested by several of the exchange students. Great idea!  Thanks!
 Name & Email Address  Year @ BHS  Message
2002-2003 Hey guys...Maybe you remember me. This is Mia, the German Exchange student from last year. I miss Brookville. I hate Germans Schools and German Teachers. Everyone was sooo nice to me over there in Lynchburg. I really want to come back and visit yall...I might come next summer...Hopefully...I wish yall a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year....Don't drink and drive ;)

bye bye....Love and miss you guys so much....Mia
Per Wagner
1995-96 2005:  I've started playing "real" (American) football here in DK. The sport is advancing in popularity all around Europe, and in DK we're doing pretty well, we didn’t make Euro champs, but we did make it to 1.div.  I started playing running back in a local sports club, and at the end of the season I got "drafted" for the National team.. Unfortunately I got injured, and went through a knee surgery. So now I trying getting back my position at the team, where I also play safety.

Since I was a guard for Her Majesty The Queen, I've worked as a bartender on a cruise ship, worked as a constructor, in a day care centre and about 10 other things. But now I've found my call. I'm starting at the Danish Police Academy at August 1st. I did pass the try outs for the Royal Danish Air Force, but the air force wouldn't let me start the training due to my injury. How ever I'm 100% ok, and got absolute no problems at all, after the accident. So instead I tried out for the Police, and got in. :o) So in about 4 years from now, I’ll be a cop.

2000: I've finishd my military duty in the Royal Life Guard, in September I'm off for try outs for the Danish Royal Air Force. I hope I'll heasr from someone...
Philipp Kappenstein
1995-96 Hey everyone all the way from Germany,

I attended BHS as an exchange student in 1995/96, played for the B-ball Varsity Team and just want to say hello to everyone who remembers me. How are you guys doing?? Whenever you come to Germany be sure to let me know and feel free to contact me anytime, I´d really like to get in touch with you again..

Tschüss aus Deutschland, Phil
Ksenya Avdeeva
1994-95 I was an exchange student from Ukraine. Now still living in Kiev, Ukraine together with my boyfriend, working for Hertz Leasing as a Financial Manager. I visited Lynchburg for Christmas and New Year of 2001 for the reunion with my host Merciez family and old friends. Hi to everyone who remembers me!
Tiago Dal Molin
1993-1994 I'm a former exchange student from Brazil that attended Brookville back in 1994. I was a senior and I stayed at April Holt's, a junior at that time. There were other exchange students that year: I remember Renata and Raphael from Brazil, Elena from Russia and Satoko from Japan.
Bonnie Bombeeck
1979 Having been an exchange student at Brookville High School, having had
the chance of living in Virginia for a year was very special.
Such a learning and never to forget experience. Wonderful hospitality.