Message from Patrick Johnson, from the Class of 1997
Thanks to Mrs. Stone

Well Stone, I joined the Navy for a number of reasons:

1) 9-11-01
2) unemployed
3) wanted to really do something with my life

As far as the middle east goes, my thoughts are with my friends that have gone over there. I will not be going over there, I'm being stationed in Sasebo, Japan and pretty much their mission is fleet support in the Pacific. I've been in the Navy for 1 year now and would not trade the friends and experiences I've had for nothing. I'm hoping in a year from May to take 30 days leave to come home and see my family and stop by and see all the cool teachers and people that influence my life ( maybe not my spelling but definitely my life).

And I ask one favor, its nothing big but this, for the speedy end to the war with Iraq, and the safe return of our POWs and troops that are there. Also for a feeling of peace for the Iraqi people that have lived under the tyranny of Saddam and his sons.  if the Bible Club could do that, or everyone could do that maybe this will truly be over quick and safely with God's help.

GSEFA Johnson, P
United States Navy