BHS Class of 1971
Updated 10/24/2001


The below listed classmates, guests, spouses and one teacher were at Smith Mountain Lake, Ratcliff Inn
for the 30th reunion of the BHS Class of 1971 on Sat September 29, 2001. Mr. Doug Frey, husband of Cheryl Jones Frey, took the picture using Bert Dodson's digital camera. Everyone had a great time with music by Key West, catering by Indian Point Marina and Karoke. Many of the classmates also met up on Friday night at the Stinger Stadium to see BHS buzz the Staunton River Eagles, then off to Cattle Annies and lastly to the Texas Inn. Lots of laughter, hugging, singing, birthday cake and catching up on 30 years of living.
Bert and Debbie Allen, Mauri (Baschang) Way, Mike and Anne Brewer, Barry and Bonnie Bryant, Jay Bush, Ray Callahan, Karen (Craft) Combs, Anita (Crist) Dezendorf, Patty (Dawson) South and sister, BJ, Bert and Teresa Dodson, Arv and Janice Englund, Candy Fulcher and guest, Barbara, Kenny and Carolyn Gaines, David Hamlet, Molly (Haskins), and Lewis Garbee, Jimmy Hatcher, Debra Kay Hedrick, Cheryl (Payne) and John Hopkins, Cheryl (Jones) and Doug Frey, Al Krantz, Lee Lunsford and wife, Tim and Susan (Abbott) Mcoy, Cathy (Mason) Toms, Carolyn (Miear) Sumpter, Chris and Roxanne Miear, Teresa (Miear) and Bob Martin, Blake Myers, Quintin Overman and son, Jacob, Darryl and Robyn Padgett, Neil Rice, Malcolm Roberts and wife (Vickie), Terrell Sharp, Donald and Missy Stallard, Jane (Thompson) and John Mitchell, Norman Throckmorton, Margaret (Stone) and Rick Heffer, David Tuck, Gary Tucker and wife, Roger Wiley, Mrs. Frances Shoemaker.

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