BHS Class of 1982 Reunion Information
Reunion Date: October 19,  2002

Updated 10/23/2002
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Hello guys and dolls!  I just want to say THANKS to all of you that came and took part in the reunion. And a super thanks to Mr. Garbee!  We really were so happy to see you again!  I had a blast at the 10 year reunion but in my opinion this one was the BEST!  I just loved seeing everyone and as David Doss told me  "You could feel the love in the room :))".   It appeared that everyone had a good time and the response was very good!  It's amazing how you can put us all back in a room together and we feel and "act" like we are still in high school :) !   I really enjoyed meeting all the husbands and wives as well. You people have made some great choices,  it was like they all fitted right in as if they were a part of the graduating class as well.  Lisa and I were talking yesterday and we agreed that we are lucky to have been part of such a great group of people.

For all of you guys that couldn't come, you were missed!  We had a wonderful time but I'm sure it could have been better had you been there to share in the fun!  We hope you can come to the next one!

Kevin Womack and I were discussing putting together a directory of where we all are and what's going on in our lives so everyone can stay in touch!  We also thought it would be a GREAT idea to have a web page just for our class, problem being, neither of us know how to do and maintain a web page SO if any of you would like to volunteer to do that let me know.  Kevin and I will gather the info and send to you and you could just update the page sometimes with new or changing info.  If we have no takers on that idea we are still going to put together something on paper and try to get one out to everyone.  (so Matt we may need some postage $ before its all tucked away until the next reunion :))  Any other cool ideas are welcome.

PLEASE keep my email and phone # and if you change addresses or phone #s in the future drop me an email or call me so we can keep up with everyone and forward that info to others that may not have my info so we can find even more people next time.  Home: 434-239-4504,  email:

Last but not least thanks to everyone for all the time and efforts you put forth in putting all this together!  Lisa, Matt and Gina you guys are the BOMB!  Re Maddox you really stepped up and were a life saver!  Re Minor YOU DID TOO HELP!  Thanks!  Jamie, Barry, Mary, Pam your efforts are appreciated too!  This was a group effort and I think we pulled it off quite well!  Thanks to everyone! Stay in touch and please when you get the survey from Kevin or myself FILL IT OUT AND RETURN!!!

YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!  Thanks for a GREAT time and cant wait to see you next time! 
      Kelly Shannon Clay

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Well, we are finally getting some answers to all those questions out there.

The reunion will be held at Ramada (The Lynchburg Inn) on Odd Fellows Rd.  You guys will probably remember it as the Holiday Inn. We had trouble finding a place that would let us come. The Ramada is not quite as big as I would have liked but I think we can still have a great time there! 

The day event will be held at Peaksview Park. We figured this would be good so the kids would have a nice playground to play on and we could all catch up. We will be sending out something on paper to you soon so you have it all in writing and you can be making your plans. We still have quite a few addresses to get so PLEASE tell everyone you see from our class to get in touch SOON!  We will be letting you know how much things are going to cost in the letter you get and we ask that you send your deposit ASAP so we can get some ideas on the # of people that will be attending. The Ramada has blocked about 30 rooms for us so you can call them to make your reservations just be sure you tell them you are with our class because they gave us a special rate of $64.00 which includes breakfast. (434-847-7500). We will also be asking people to bring a dish to the picnic. We will supply the hamburgers, hotdogs and condiments.

Those outa-towners can just pick up a bag of chips or some of the paperwear. We will get more details about this to you later.

At the night event the Ramada will be catering this with finger food and snacks.  So anyhow, the date is set and we have a place FINALLY!

Oct. 19,2002 !!!
  Email me any other questions you may have and check back more often as we are now rolling with these plans.


Oct.18, 2002
Friday Day- Golf planned by Barry Tuggle
** Contact Barry at **
Friday evening before game cocktails @ (TBA)
Friday evening BHS football game
Friday after game informal get together @ (TBA)

Oct. 19, 2002
Saturday Day- picnic lunch at Peaksview 11:30 - 2:00 people can hang out
there as long as they would like but this will be the official time. Remember
you will be ask to bring a dish, chips etc.

Saturday night - Ramada 7:00
Cash bar
Food will be put out at 7:30
DJ will start at 8:00
DJ will stop at 12:00

** I also think we need to consider planning a 3 day cruise for the 25th
reunion to the Bahamas, I hear you can get a GREAT rate on reunion cruises
because of the # of people that are usually interested and we can have a
travel agent handle all the details and planning **  Whatcha think???????
Thanks and keep checking back, Kelly

Kelly Shannon Clay


Classmates Not Yet Found

Below is a list of fellow classmates that we are having some trouble finding.
If you know how to get in touch with them PLEASE have them email me
( ) or call 434-239-4504.
     Kelly Shannon Clay

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Ronald Agar
Lois Juanita Albert
Wilbert Alexander
Angela Amos Merceiz
Gladys Kaye Andrews
Anthony Askew
Cathy Bailey
Ronnie Barbour
John Beasley
Sherry Best
David Blythe
Gregory Fontaine Brooks
Ralph Brown
Lori Bukrim
Susan Burford
Darrell Burnette
Dewayne Campbell
John Campbell
David Cardwell
Deborah Childress
Scott Craig
Dee Crawford
Shelia Criste
Tracy Michelle Davis
David Doss
Judy Gail Dunn
Numan Franklin
David French
Roy Gale
Lisa Godfrey
Laurie Guthrie
Robin Hall
Teresa Hall
Gary Hamilton
Tammy Kaye Hartless
Susan Haymore
Kim Hise
Tammy Hughes
Stuart Isaacs
Diane Johnson
Patricia Jones
Brian Kahat
Lisa Layne
Donna Mann
Anna Martin
Jeff Martin
Teresa McCray
Nick Merceiz
Jenny Merriman
Deborah Mihavetz
Kevin Morris
Alicia Mowry
Rebecca Nance
David Nunley
David Parker
Bidgett Payne
Jimmy Persinger
Jack (Chip) Randelow
Rhonda Reynolds
Leslie Riley
Greg Roberts
Ivette Robertson
Sharon Sames
Donna Saucier
Marilou Scheller
Warren Scott
Raymond (Roy) Alan Seamster
Angela Smith
Suzanne Annette Smith
Karen Steele
Sandra Tubbs
Jack Walton
Lela Watson
Janet Wellman
Larry White
Robert Whitmore
Randall Williams
Janet Wilson
Dwayne Witt
Virginia Woodall
Melissa Woods
Melissa Woody
Elizabeth Zechini
Lisa Zmudzinski
Things are still in the planning stages and we are slowly getting addresses but we need for all you guys who read this to pass it on so others will get in touch!   We are looking at (maybe) October 18, 2002.  We have not gotten that confirmed yet but hopefully soon!   PLEASE pass my email address to everyone so I can get in touch with them.  We will also probably be having a raffle to help cover the expenses so if you can help sell tickets please let me know.


Kelly Shannon Clay
There were a few of us that had gotten together over the Thanksgiving holidays and made some preliminary plans. We were hoping to touch base again over Christmas but things didn't work out. We had talked about trying to have the reunion on a weekend of a home football game. We discussed having an informal gathering at Chop House prior to the football game. Perhaps a more formal get together after the game at the Chop House. A picnic possibly at the Moose Lodge on Sat. afternoon followed by a DJ dance with heavy
hors d'oeuvres that night. These are all in the very early planning stages. Please pass on any suggestions you may want to add as well. Please check back with this web site for more info. PLEASE email me your address if you have not done so yet and PLEASE pass this on to anyone else you see! Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

Kelly Shannon Clay

Attended meeting:

Barry Tuggle, Jaime Walker, Lisa Gay, Gina Roach, Matt Chavez, Carl Davis,
Kelly Shannon, Gay Galyean, Pam Armes, Mary Simioneta

Hey everyone from the "Class of 82".

It is getting very close to that 20 year reunion! I have all the old addresses, etc., from the 10 year reunion but I know there have been many changes since that time!  I NEED for some of you guys and gals to contact me so that I can get some much needed help this time around.  I'm sure I can talk Lisa Gay Robertson into helping again but we need more help this time!!

If you would like to be in on the planning PLEASE email me at ( If you can't help in the planning, please send me an email to let me know where you can be found. It will save a ton of time and effort if everyone will send me their info via email.  Please also pass on any info you may have on our fellow classmates. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!
Kelly Shannon Clay