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Where Are You Now?

 What have you been up to since you left the hive?


Regardless of whether you plan to attend the reunion, we are interested in hearing from you!  We’d prefer that you email the below information to Tonya Bryant Rosser, tonyarosser@sn.com  you can obtain an electronic copy of this form on the BHS website.( To do so, visit http://www.bhsbees.com/.  From this website, click Reunion Info and then Class of 1987, or you may instead mail this completed form to Anne Geissler Hovis along with your registration form.

1) Name (Please include maiden/former name, if applicable):___________________________________

2) If you no longer live in the area, please tell us where you live and how far, in mileage, you are from Lynchburg.


3) Please tell us a bit about yourself.  Feel free to describe your family, your employment, your education, and/or your hobbies and interests.