Password Stealing, Keystroke Capturing Viruses     Print This Page
From Symantec Norton Antivirus

The information below is a summary of what one of these types of viruses can do. There are many viruses with this type of capability. The one described below is one of the newest, discovered only September 30, 2002. After reading the summary below, if you are interested in more details, you can click on the link above

One of the most common problems I find when removing viruses from PCs lately is that the user has anti-virus software, but it has not been kept up to date. There are literally hundreds of new viruses every year. If you receive a virus that your software can not detect because it has not been kept up to date, you may as well not even have the anti-virus software. In fact, there are some viruses that can even disable your ability to get virus updates! KEEP YOUR VIRUS SOFTWARE UPDATED.
I recommend Norton Antivirus and checking for updates at least every two weeks.

W32.Bugbear@mm is a mass-mailing worm. It can also spread through networks. It has keystroke-logging and backdoor capabilities. The virus also attempts to terminate the processes of various antivirus and firewall programs.

Because the virus does not properly handle the network resource types, it may flood shared printer resources, which causes them to print garbage or disrupt their normal functionality.

The virus captures keystrokes and sends them out by e-mail to someone you don't know (who wrote the virus and wants to steal information from you).

The virus program, running on your PC in the background, hidden from you, "listens" across the internet through an unused port for commands from a hidden remote user. Using this method to access your PC without you knowing about it, the user can:
  Delete files
  Terminate processes
  Copy files
  List files and deliver the list to the hacker
  Deliver intercepted keystrokes to the hacker (in an encrypted form).
  This may release confidential information that typed on a computer (passwords, login details, Credit Card Numbers, etc).