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"A Place Called Brookville, is a new comprehensive history of Brookville High School covering the years of 1926-1966. This well written and beautifully bound book may be purchased from Timbrook Library." - The Friends of Timbrook Library

~ A portion of proceeds from book sales will benefit Timbrook Library ~

A Place Called Brookville”
                                    …A Story of Beginnings
Book Details:
Hard cover:
130 pages (142 including front matter)
Publisher: Warwick House Publishing (November 2008)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9801315-7-4 (International Standard Book Number)
Book Dimensions: 8 ½ x 11 inches
Weight: 1 ½ lbs.                                                                                       
Book Price: $30.00 (plus $5.00 shipping)                                                 Make check payable to:  Phyllis Wood Coleman                                       Mail to:  1101 Westview Drive - Lynchburg, VA  24502                                    

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-Coming Soon-
Campbell County Historical Society “Schools Exhibit”
Location: Historic Courthouse Museum (TBA)
774 Village Highway - Rustburg, VA.


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Givens Books
2236 Lakeside Drive - Lynchburg, VA.
*Brookville High School
100 Laxton Road - Lynchburg, VA  24502
*Timbrook Library
21039 Timberlake Road, Suite F - Lynchburg, VA  24502
*The Campbell County Historical Society
P. O. Box 595 - Rustburg, VA  24588
Thank you!
*Brookville High School Library & "Boosters" *Timberlake Library and *The Campbell County Historical Society


Reader's Comments...

 “It takes an intrepid researcher to join together the scattered pieces of the past into a recognizable whole.  Phyllis Wood Coleman has done just that.

In “A Place Called Brookville” she has preserved part of her youth and that of hundreds of her fellow classmates who attended Brookville High School between 1926 and 1966…”

-Clifton W. Potter, Ph.D.  ~Lynchburg College 

“The book is so outstanding, so lovingly created, such humor, direct honesty on her part, and answers such a need for so many people…a chance to go home again.  Back to the days when life seemed so much simpler, yet full and satisfying…”

-Miss Phyllis Lee Bolling ~ Teacher 

“The Book!!! What a great job. I have been through it twice-cover-to-cover, and have enjoyed both trips very much. I know that I’ll go through it many more times. The compilation of the material and the publication process represents a mammoth effort, and the resulting outcome is wonderful.”

-W. David Urquhart  ~ Principal, Brookville High School 1961-1967 

“Local history gets a bit more interesting…all too often the phrase “local history” used to be synonymous with “boring.”  I think that’s changing…for example, Phyllis Coleman (“A Place Called Brookville”) never thought about chronicling her old high school until she attended the 50th. Reunion of her class in April of last year (2007). “We presented Jim Whorley (current Brookville principal) with a framed lap throw of the old school, and it now hangs in the library of the new school built in 1966.”A lot of the students were really interested in it (the lap throw) because they had no idea there had ever been another Brookville High School.” 

Indeed there was, having been created in 1926…now only a razed memory.  “I did this (book) for the current students because of the school history they knew nothing about.  That sent me on a journey like I’ve never been on in my life.”…excerpt from newspaper article written by …

-Darrell Laurant  ~ Published:  November 19, 2008 -The News & Advance


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