Memorial for David Barker
BHS Class of 1995

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10/11/76 - 11/15/99
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Name : Alison Arthur
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I met David when I was 13 years old. He was the big brother I never had. He used to go swimming with my family, friends and I when I lived on Timberlake. He used to pick on me sooo bad and I loved it! Then when we grew up we became like best friends.
I remember when he lived in the townhouse behind my old one you could hear that Nickelodeon painted Jeep coming from a mile away.
David..You will ALWAYS be the big brother I never had. I will always love you. I miss you so much and I know that we will meet again someday. I feel like I am better person having known you!

Your pretend little sister...
Alison Arthur

Name : Kenny Kirby
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David and I knew each other since we were seven years old, so there are too many memories to share, but here are my two favorites. I will start with the beginning. I met David the first day of second grade. Michael Keaton, Timmy Toler, David and I all were talking after the teacher had left the room when a stray dog came in. David chased the dog out and Timmy howled out of the window as the dog went outside. David joined him as Michael and I laughed until we were ready to pass out. From day one, David was always ready to have fun. That is one of the things I loved most about him. He was always ready for an adventure.
Here is number two. I was working at Harris Teeter one Sunday when David and Danielle stopped by. He was glowing as if he had scored six goals against JF or something when he handed me this cool Guess Jeans watch he had bought at the flea market. David only had $20 to his name and he decided to spend $15 on me. (I still have the watch) That is the type of person he was. He was always thinking of others. He loved camping, biking, playing soccer, salt and hiking, but most of all he loved his friends.

He bragged about Michael, Danielle, Kevin, Brian, and others that I cannot name due to the lack of space on the screen. I feel fortunate having known one of the best soccer players Central Va. has ever seen, and the best friend we have ever known.

Kenny Kirby
RHS "95"

Name : Jim & Pat Devers
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As his Gran-paw Jim he was a wonderful young man and is missed by his Gran-maw Pat. As his personality was so outgoing he is always with us and we will see him some day in heaven.
         The Devers

Name : Brian Bailey
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You are my best friend and always will be, and I will see you again some day. Until then, know that I love you and miss you very much. Here is to salt, JF soccer balls, and mud dogging.
  Your Friend,
     Brian Bailey

Name : Joann Arthur
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I knew David for many years. For a while, he actually lived at my house, with my mom, my sister (Alison Arthur), and I. Though my sister knew him better than I did...he is greatly missed. I am glad this page was finally created...I had asked for it a while ago. David is greatly missed...and we think about him often. We miss you, David! You are greatly loved.
Joann Arthur

Name : Larry Lewis
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I did not know David, but I know from the e-mail I've received that he was loved very much, and is still missed. I apologize for not having this page online sooner, and hope that his friends will send me their thoughts to share with everyone. Thanks to Carrie Knapp, Danielle Knapp, Kevin Barker and Tara Deacon, and many others, for their help and interest.