Memorial for Elizabeth Closs
BHS Class of 2014

Obituary for Elizabeth Closs

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Memorial Slide Show/Video

We are all saddened by the tragic, unexpected death of Elizabeth (Lizzy) Closs. Her life was as vibrant and carefree as the numerous hair colors she used to use. Lizzy accepted the outcast, and her heart broke for the abandoned, abused and broken. She loved those who were ridiculed.
We all miss her terribly, but we know she is in the arms of her blessed savior, her eternal hope. Those who share in that hope; we will see her again!

Friends, our lives are but a breath. We are here today and gone tomorrow. Make the brief time you are given count for eternity. Love one another, be kind to everyone you meet. With reckless abandon, be selfless. Make a difference!

-Matt Closs (Lizzy's dad)