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Book About Brookville's History !!!
You can now get an autographed copy of the book "A Place Called Brookville"
in the Brookville Office.  These are being sold for the Athletic Booster Club for $30 each.
After-Grad Party Contributors for Class of 2014
After Grad Party Contributors for Class of 2013
After Grad Party Contributors for Class of 2012
After Grad Party Contributors for Class of 2011
After Grad Party Contributors for Class of 2010
After Grad Party Contributors for Class of 2009
Thanks to Cindy Harding for her support in sharing this information for many years!
Attention Parents/Guardians of Special Education Students:
Important information from the Special Ed. Department
The Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) is comprised of parents/guardians of students with special needs as well as other interested parties. The purpose of the committee is to advise the school board of any unmet needs in the education of children with disabilities, assist in the development of long range plans to provide educational services to children with special needs and promote awareness of special education programs.
Please call Lessy Nixon at 332-8243 for more information.
Virginia Mentor SAT and ACT Test Preparation
The Virginia Department of Education announced statewide availability of a test preparation module through VirginiaMentor at   The Test Prep feature provides easy-to-use tutorials for each subject area covered by the SAT and the ACT. Students may establish accounts on the site by pressing the “Create an Account” button under the VirginiaMentor logo at the top of the main page. Students will then have access to customized test preparation courses. The site features tutorials covering all the subject areas and/or question types seen on the tests. Each tutorial provides between 30 and 90 minutes of instructional material. There are practice questions in each subject and question type. Practice questions adapt to each user’s response patterns, providing questions that are tailored to each student’s ability level. At the end of each practice session students receive a percentile ranking.
Anna Pettyjohn (BHS 2008) donates her stem cells to give an anonymous person another chance at life!
Here's another link to a "Campus Celebrity" interview with Anna at William and Mary
Darrell Laurant's News & Advance Article on Brookville's Carole Stone
"To Bee, or not to Bee"
BHS Alumni Brandon Inge has his #7 Detroit Tiger Jersey Retired!  - Pictures From WSET-TV
Education News & Ideas - From the US Department of Education
Parents - Be Alert!  - Drug Signs & Symptoms!
You want your kids to be healthy and drug-free. But many parents find it difficult to spot signs of drug use
Requires Acrobat Reader
Role Models For The Road - Parent Tips
The Driver's Checklist
Requires Acrobat Reader
Safe-Surfin' Awards Given To The Website
Blue Ridge Thunder Safe Surfin' Award, 5-Star Site and CyberPatrol Approved