Lucas Bosiger and David Andrew Hutchinson
God Bless all who have supported these families financially and spiritually.  Thank you!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your contribution to the Bosiger-Hutchinson Memorial!
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In the past two years, we (the Tennis community & BHS) have lost two former Bee tennis players - Lucas Bosiger and David Andrew Hutchinson "Hutch." Both boys were recent grads (less than one year out of high school) when they passed away.

Since tennis teams are relatively small (6-8 players); the probability of this happening is very slim, and we were all devastated when it happened to us - twice.

Lucas - was a former #1 player, and "Hutch" - was a former Captain. Brookville High School student life, and Brookville Tennis were everything to these boys.

For both boys (according to the parents) - the sun rose and set on them. "Hutch" was an only child, and Lucas had one sibling - much older. The parents are still devastated, and still coping with the grief.

Yours in Christ, Karen Brown


1. Mr. Mark S. Brown
2. Mrs. Elisabeth A. Brown
3. Mr. & Mrs. Ed James
4. Bruce Abbott
5. Pam Stinnett
6. Brookville High School 4-H Club
7. Brookville HS Future Farmers of America (FFA)
8. Brookville High School Girls Tennis Team
9. Brookville High School Boys Tennis Team
10. Mrs. Meghan Emanuel
11. Mrs. Cindy Orkin
12. Mrs. Anne Drewry
13. Mrs. Karen Reynolds

14. Mrs. Carole Stone
15. Mrs. Ellen Humphrey
16. Mrs. Barbe Shackleford
17. Tara and Harvey Wells
18. Waterjet Cutting Services
19. Ms. Dale Bosiger
20. Allison and John Pettit
21. Muriel Marsh
22. Jerome and Phyllis Coleman
23. Julie, Buddy, Zach and Morgan Tyree
24. Bruce, Laura, Breck, Sam & Caroline Light
25. AJ Ebersold
26. Terri Pettyjohn

27. Mary Jane & Tim Dailey
28. Jan & William McLaughlin
29. Verizon Communications
30. The Bosiger Family
31. Timberlake United Methodist Church
32. Mike and Karen Brown
33. Nick and Doreen Desport
34. Carole Stone
35. R.J. and Laura Roark
36. High Peak Sportswear
37. Valley Structures
38. Doin and Karen Richardson
39. Ed "Blitz" and Heidi James

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