Memorial for Mariah Lynn Pitts
BHS Class of 2012

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News Story - January 29, 2009

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Jordan F - 2/27/09
Mariah Lynn,
i miss you so much bby girl
i miss talkin to you late at night /:
its not the same without you here ...
i love you fly high.
-Jordan F.
Katye Ann - 2/18/09

Mariah Lynn Pitts,
You were my cousin, and I miss you extremely much. We won't all that close, but you're still my family. You lived your life the way you wanted to, and I respect you for that babyqirl. You are very very very missed. We all love you. We will see you aqain one day.
R.I.P. - Flyhiqh Babyqirl

Your cousin, Katye Ann
Jake - 2/4/09
I remember growin up with u, watchin u grow into the beautiful person u were when u died. I remember all those times with kenny, josh, jonny. I remember u as more of a little sister than a cousin because I would keep away from all those bad boys I thought u shouldnt be with. You have no idea how much I miss you. We all miss you. We miss your smile and your goofy little laugh. I love you and I'll always miss you. I hope one day I can see you in heaven and we can chill like the good old days.
Love always and forever, Jake (favorite cousin)
Dorinda Anderson - 2/1/09
Just know that she walks with angels now and we all will see her again...she is where ALL OF US WANT TO BE...IN HEAVEN....God bless all of you that are grieving...and especially pray for her family...I can only imagine the unbearable pain they must be feeling....It just breaks my heart....

Dorinda Anderson
Tyler Anderson (one of Mariah's pallbearers)
Chelsea Evans - 2/1/09
Mariah was like my little sister, if i was down at school she knew how to make my smile, if she seen me out at the mall or somewhere she would yell Cbby because that's what she called me, she left this world to early she was to young, She was the crazy one of the bunch but we loved her. If someone was messing with her, they were messing with me, & if someone messed with me they messed with her. Mariah I will never forget you babygirl, i love you always an forever, only the good die young. i love you babygirl!. you will be missed but NEVER forgotten <3333 Rip Mariah (weezy) Lynn Pitts

Cbby<3 - 2/1/09
I am very sad about Mariah's death and she will be in my thoughts and prayers. I am also sorry for those who did know her well I will put those in my prayers also!

RIP Mariah
Amber Jennings -  1/31/09
Mariah meant the world to me, she was always the crazy friend; but I loved her even more for that.
She left the world far too early and I hate that, but Mariah lived a wonderful life and has people who love her more than life itself. I will never forget her and the impact she put into my life, she was a girl that always stuck by my side constantly trying to put up a fight for me in any and every situation we came across. I'll love her forever, and she'll always be a best friend to me. I love you Mariah, & I'll see you soon enough <3
Amber Jennings - Ajayy as Mariah would put it.
Travis Elliott  - 1/30/09
I am so sorry. she and i were good friends. so my prayers are with yall. she ment alot to me.
Kristen Zurlippe - 1/30/09
I never really knew her that well, but I'd seen her around school and knew her family and friends. When I heard the news I didn't believe it. I had 2 periods with her, and it was hard to believe she'd never sit in those desks again. I almost busted out crying in one of the classes after staring at her desk for multiple minutes. Even thought we weren't really friends, I am sad that she's gone. I'm keeping her friends and family in my prayers!
R.I.P. Baby Girl!
Love, Kristen Zurlippe
Scarlett Lewis - 1/30/09
rip mariah. You will be dearly missed and forever loved.
Love, scarlett lewis
Cameron W - 1/29/09
I really didnt know Mariah personally. But I have seen her around in the halls everyday. Whenever I was with my friends,
I would stand next to them as they talked to her. She Will Be missed dearly. This year has been a great loss for us students at Brookville. We have recovered some since December 27 when our beloved Principal Jim Whorley left us. And Mr. Abbott has made us all feel better when he stepped in. Mariah was very popular and well known. She always had a smile Everytime I saw her. This will be a lesson learned for me. Nobody is promised tomorrow. You never know what can happen.

R.I.P. Mariah
Larry Lewis - 1/29/09
I just learned about Mariah tonight on the news (Thursday night). It is sad to lose yet another Bee so young.
Seat belts save lives. I know because my own daughter totaled her car on Lawyers Road in 1996 on black ice. She was 16. She had her seat belt on, and it saved her life. Please wear your seat belt, if not for yourself, do it for those who love you.