Marines Ben Maddox - BHS 2009 - Updated as of 5/5/11
I am currently in the United States Marine Corps. I joined in 2009, right after high school.
I am currently at MCAS New River Jacksonville, NC. I am an Avionics Tech for the NC-22 Osprey. I am at VMMT-204.
Marines Corby Weiss - BHS 2009 - Updated 12/13/11
PFC C. Corby Weiss is currently serving with the USMC Reserve Center in Lynchburg, VA.
Marines Cory Mays - BHS 2008 - Updated 4/22/09
Marines Christopher Walker - BHS 2008 - Updated 6/4/12
Christopher Walker is now stationed at Marine Corp Air Station Miramar, CA. Prior to this, Christopher served 2 year tour in Okinawa. Chris married Erin McCormick, BHS 2010.
Marines Hope Watts Ramirez - BHS 2006 - Updated 1/23/08
I am stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC. Currently I am in Iraq, due to return in March '08. I recently got married to another Marine.
Marines Michael Steele - BHS 2005 - Updated 12/21/07 or
I'm an Airframer on KC-130's and just picked up Corporal meritoriously. Stationed in Futenma, Japan. I will be returning to the states in August of 08. Ive traveled all over south-east Asia. My gov e-mail is
Marines Corey Evans - BHS 2005 - Updated 12/21/07 or
August was my 2 year mark in the Marines. I'm now a Corporal. I am an Aviation Ordnance Marine Station in Central Iraq, Have been deployed since January 2007; will be back in the states January 2008. I will be going to New River. I am currently in a relationship.  Stationed in Jacksonville, NC.
Marines James Harmon - BHS 2004 - Updated 5/7/08
I've been in the Marines since 2005. I'm a grunt. I've done one combat tour, and leaving for my second in September 2008. I'm planning to get out on 08/14/09.
Marines Matt Turner - BHS 2004 - Updated 1/11/12
I am currently at Charlie Company, 4th Combat Engineer Battalion in Lynchburg, VA. I am an E-5, Sergeant, acting as platoon sergeant of second platoon. I have deployed twice to Iraq, once in 2006 and again in 2009. My most recent deployment was to Afghanistan - my platoon came home in June of 2011.
Marines Tony Allen - BHS 2003 - Updated 9/26/19
I am still an active duty Marine and have been reassigned as the manager for the Lynchburg Marines Recruiting Station! My wife and I have settled back into the local area with our three daughters and are excited to be back!
Marines Bryan Turner - BHS 2003 - Updated 11/27/05
Bryan has returned from Iraq safely, and is now stationed in Cherry Point, NC.
Marines Nathan David Fisher - BHS 2002 or
Married - wife's name is Nicole. She is from Florida.  I am in 29 Palms, CA. I we have two daughters, Madison (2 years old) and Cadence ( 8 months)
Marines Nathan Buck - BHS 2002  or
Currently in Iraq.  It's been rather busy over here, dodging IED's and mortars. but I've  been lucky so far and  missed them all.. Around February 2005 time frame my company was tasked with setting up a voting site. That went really well and after that we've just been trying to find the insurgents and will continue.
Picture of Nathan Buck in Haiti
Marines Eric McGann - BHS 2002
I am back from my second tour in Iraq and will most likely not deploy again. I am a Corporal and I get out in June of 2006. I will be home on leave from July 21, 05-August 09, 2005.  Engaged to Sarah Ortega.
Marines Eric Dickey - BHS 2002
PFC.  Eric returned home from Iraq on March 31st, 2005. His wife Michelle has had their baby, named Eric Jacob Carroll, on October 7th,
Marines Evan Shockley - BHS 2002  - Updated 1/23/08
2nd LT, US Naval Academy Class of 2006.
I'm ABD a Masters in International Relations at UVa. Currently I'm in Quantico, VA going through The Basic School, an infantry course for all new USMC officers. When I'm done here I'll be heading to flight school in Pensacola.
Marines Jeff Logwood - BHS 2001  - Updated 7/8/09
I am currently serving my 7th year in the Marines. I've done 2 tours in Iraq and I will soon serve in Afghanistan, I hope.
Marines Jared Owens - BHS 2000
Marines Shaun Palmer - BHS 1999
Marines Jonathan Salmons - BHS 1999
Reservist  now activated with the 4th CEB (Combat Engineer Battalion). Currently at Camp Pendleton, CA and leaving very soon for Iraq.
Marines Jason Hudson - BHS 1997
Marines Stephan Barr - BHS 1994
I live just south of Washington D.C.
Marines Chris Clark - BHS 1992 - Updated 2/18/08
Staff Sgt/E-6 USMC.
Currently assigned to MCB Cherry Point, NC
(Chris Was one of the first Marines in Combat in Iraq)
Marines Charlie Clark - BHS 1989 - Updated 2/18/08
GySgt/E-7 USMC. Currently deployed to South East Asia. Scheduled to return mid March


Army Tabitha Lloyd - BHS 2010 - Updated 10/26/11

From Cynthia May (BHS '93 graduate).
I wanted to share info on my niece who graduated from BHS 2010.
We are so very proud of her success thus far.

Tabitha graduated with honors from boot camp US Army at Fort Sill, Lawton Oklahoma, February 2011 She then went on to Fort Sam Houston San Antonio, where she completed AIT training for Combat Medic and graduated in June. She is now stationed at Fort Hood in Killeen, TX.

Her address is as follows:
PFC. Tabitha Lloyd
P O Box 5561
Killeen, TX 76544
Army Ian Carroll - BHS 2008 - Updated 1/1/12
I have just returned from Iraq where I spent nearly a year. I am stationed at Ft. Hood and enjoying my job and working on classes for my future. I may be transferred to Washington later this year. Please keep up the prayers for me and our country.
  Matthew Everhart - BHS 2008 - Updated 5/29/12
Joined Army in March 2011. Currently stationed @ Ft Hood TX. (Matt's mom)
Army Haivon Ferguson - BHS 2008 - Updated 2/12/08
I am enlisted in the Army and I'm currently completeing AIT (Advanced Individual Training) at Fort Jackson which is in South Carolina. I am in the reserves and part of the 6th of the 80th Personel Detachment in Richmond, VA.
Army Brandon Scruggs - BHS 2007  - Updated 2/12/08
Brandon is stationed in Washington State now. He will be moving his wife and son in March to join him there. His address is below. If anyone wants to say hi, he would love to hear from his friends or anyone who wants to send a letter . He is doing well and said he can look out from the base and see Mt Reiner. He said it is very cold.
Brandon Scruggs
593 HHC/Box 62
Box 339539
Fort Lewis WA 98433-9539
Army Ryan Van Noordt - BHS 2008 - Updated 60/12/13
I am currently stationed in Guantanamo Bay Cuba. I graduated from Norwich University in 2012. I ran track and cross country for Brookville.
Army Blake Hudson - BHS 2005 - Updated 10/22/09
I am now a Drill Sergeant, with the current rank of Staff Sergeant stationed at 2nd- 317th Infantry Reg. from Lynchburg, VA. I was recognized as the youngest Drill Sergeant in my Division and in the Army for 2008. I will be mobilizing to Fort Benning, GA to train troops for a year in April 2010. I recently married Erica Krantz (BHS 2006) in March 2009.
Army Matthew Walker - BHS 2004
Graduated from Virginia Military Institute as a 2LT and I am now serving with the 1-506 Infantry 101 ABN as a Medical Platoon Leader stationed at Fort Campbell KY. After OBC, I served a short time in Afghanistan.
Army Megan McLaughlin Mills - BHS 2002
I'm now PFC Megan Mills (recently got married in Nov) and I'm currently over in Iraq right now, working at Al Faw Palace in Baghdad (Camp Victory). Will be returning to the states at the end of the year.
  PFC Megan Mills
Army Grant Autry - BHS 2001
I'm currently in the Army getting ready to head off to Korea.
Army Jonathan Roberts - BHS 2001
SPC, Stationed at Fort Polk, LA, but are PCSing in Feb. 2005 to Fort Lewis, WA.  Served in Baghdad, Iraq from April 2003 - April 2004 and in Najaf, Iraq from April 2004 - June 2004 with 2 ACR.  Married to Melanie Hayslett (BHS 2002).  We have 2 children, Madison Nicole Roberts, (4) and Hannah Elizabeth Roberts (1).
Army Sam Portnoy - BHS 2001
Currently stationed in Ft. Drum, NY with the 10th Mountain Division. Just returned from Afghanistan.
Army Greg Brown - BHS 2001
Dentist -
Left for Iraq in Sept. 2003
Army Brandon Dodd - BHS 2001
Currently stationed in Alaska.
3010 Montgomery Rd. Box 211, FT. Wainwright, Alaska 99703. Deploying to Iraq in January 2005
Army Chad Steuck - BHS 2001  - Updated 5/29/07
Sgt. Chad H. Steuck, in the 10th Mountain Division’s new 4th Brigade at Fort Polk, La.
Chad's unit is scheduled to deploy for Iraq in November, 2007
Chad is married to Erin McGregor, BHS 2001.
Chad was named the Soldier of the Year for 2005!
Army Brian Driskill - BHS 2000  - Update from Brian's mom - 3/15/10:
Brian got married to Liz VonBuelow on Feb. 27, 2010. It was a beautiful wedding. He just returned from a 3 year stay in The Netherlands and will be serving the next 3 years here in Lynchburg at the recruiting office. We are very excited to have Brian back home.
Army Matt Creasey - BHS 1999
Ft. Wainwright, Alaska
I am now married to Megan Creasey. We met  in Alaska. She is from Angwam, Mass.
Army Chip Autry - BHS 1998  - Updated 5/24/07
I am currently a Captain in the US Army and am preparing to head off on my second deployment to Iraq. Me and my family are still in Hawaii.
Army Rob Davison - BHS 1998
Sgt. Armamant on Apache Longbows
Army Brian Lustgraaf - BHS 1998
Well hello everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am safe in Kuwait for the time being. We will be moving north in about a week to Iraq and will be there for about a year. I just wanted to get this out to let everyone know that I am safe and am thinking of you all. I do not have a address yet at this moment because it is not my permanent duty station. I will get that out as soon as possible. I will stay in contact as much as possible. See you all in a year.
Army Bryan McAllister - BHS 1998
Private First Class--Chemical Specialist. Home from Camp Doha, Kuwait until July 18th. Then heading for Ft. Bragg NC.
Army Michael Thompson - BHS 1997
Fort Knox, KY
Army Gus Davison - BHS 1996
SSgt. US Army. Works on Apache Helicopters. Previously in Korea and Germany.  Currently serving in Iraq
Army Erin Flynn Colson - BHS 1996
Truck driver. Spent 2 years on active duty at Ft. Hood, TX from 1996 to 1998. I also married my husband, Ken Colson, whom I met at Ft. Hood, he was also in the army. I recently got out after spending 6 yrs in the U.S. army reserves for a total of 8 yrs. Discharged in Feb of '04. I was deployed to Germany in 2003 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. My husband was also deployed with me in 2003 but he was deployed again in 2004 and spent a year and a half in Iraq he has recently returned home to us. God Bless you and God Bless our Troops!!
Army Brian May - BHS 1996
Currently stationed at Ft. Bliss,Texas, and currently deployed to Kuwait as a part of "Operation Iraqi Freedom".  Married to my wife Maryluisa for 5 years. I am very proud to be serving our great country and will continue to serve in the Army.
Army Shaun Morrison - BHS 1996
SGT. 4 years served active duty contract.  Network Switching Systems. Operator/ Maintainer, Telecommunications Supervisor.
57th SIG BN 3rd SIG BDE, Ft Hood, TX.  1 year served Operation Iraqi Freedom, stationed in west Baghdad. Currently relocated to the Forest, VA area with wife and children.
Army April Holt - BHS 1995
Army Ayo Lawson - BHS 1993
Captain, Assignment Officer, 1PERSCOM
Graduated from West Point in 1997 as a 2LT in Air Defense Artillery. Currently waiting for results for promotion to Major (hopefully next year). Have been stationed in Germany most of my career (minus two short stints at Ft. Bliss). Have been deployed to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, Israel and Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom). Have been a platoon leader and battery commander in PATRIOT units. Currently working as a human resource manager for the United States Army Europe in Germany.
Army Cedric Canada - BHS 1992
Major, U.S. Army
Currently in Iraq serving as a advisor, to the Iraqi Army.
Army Derek Kitts - BHS 1987
Sergeant First Class.  2-7 Infantry, 3rd Infantry Division, Ft. Stewart, GA. Currently in Tikrit, Iraq
Army Jonathan Van Eaton - BHS 1987
SSG, Currently serving in Iraq
Army Hank Howard - BHS 1986 - Updated as of 6/13/11
I am serving in the Army. I entered the Army in 1988. I spent 6 years on active duty and I am now a 1SG with my Army Reserve unit here in Lynchburg.


Navy Sean Ward - BHS 2008 - Updated 10/22/09
Navy Brad McDaniel - BHS 2006 - Updated as of 1/26/12
I successfully completed nuclear power school down in Charleston, SC, and in Groton, CT, Submarine Officer Basic Course (10 weeks). Then I moved to Saratoga Springs, NY for about six months to go to the Nuclear Power Training Unit.  Currently, I have finished Nuclear Prototype Training and I am reporting to be a submarine officer on the USS Albany, stationed in Norfolk, VA.
Navy Michael Haber - BHS 2006 - Updated 12/21/07
Still stationed in Charleston, S.C. Promoted to 3rd Class Petty Officer, Nuclear Electrician's Mate. Submarine volunteer. One year in service, 5 years left.
Navy Jason Clark - BHS 2005
Master At Arms. Now in Virginia Beach.
Navy Kristina Jeter - BHS 2005
I am currently stationed in Portsmouth, VA on the USS HARRY S. TRUMAN, my rate is a SK  (storekeeper). Right now my ship is in the yards and plans to deploy some time in late fall of '07. I went to basic training on January 24, 2006 and graduated March 24, 2006. Went to 'A' school right out of basic and checked into my command on June 5, 2006. Right now I am on a 4 year contract, and we'll see in the future weither I enlist for another term. I would like to say the NAVY is very exciting and I do hope more graduating "BROOKVILLE BEES" take the opportunity to experience the excitement.
Navy Joshua Franklin Coleman - BHS 2004 - Updated 5/25/08
Current job/rank, MM2, stationed in Japan, and have been for 3 years. I work in the engineering spaces and operate a 600 psi boiler. Currently trying to help the Burma and give them aid. I am married and have a newborn son named Zach.
Navy Carolyn Daugherty - BHS 2004
NROTC, currently at ODU.
Navy Brian Adam Griffith - BHS 2002 - Updated 3/1/09
I am currently stationed in Newport News, VA on the USS Carl Vinson. I have been in for about 3 and a half years now and I am an aviation electronics technician third class petty officer. Glad to be in Virginia close to home, but this place isn't Lynchburg. I miss it sometimes!
Navy Matt Fickle - BHS 2002 - Updated 6/4/09
I spent 3 1/2 years in the submarine force. Now I am stationed in Pensacola, FL with my wife and daughter waiting for our new addition to be born. I am currently working on my BA so I can transition over to the Coast Guard for there Officer Candidate School.
Navy Joshua Clark - BHS 2001
After serving 4-1/2 years, Josh got out of the Navy on 11/18/05. While he was in the Navy, he served as EM3-Electrician on the USS Theodore Roosevelt, and served 2 tours-Operation Enduring Freedom & Operation Iraqi Freedom. Josh and April Surratt Clark (BHS 2001) were married on June 12, 2004. Josh is  currently back in Lynchburg, but said that he was going in the Army soon. Josh and April had a baby in  January 2006.
Navy Sean Dixon - BHS 2001
USS Harry S. Truman, Mediterranean Sea, out of Norfolk, VA
Navy De'Jon Kennedy - BHS 2001 Updated 8/14/08
USS Stennis, Seattle WA
Navy Shavon Watts - BHS 2001
Navy, Moving to Spain for 3 years
Navy Shawn Bond - BHS 2000
San Diego, CA
Navy John Gardner - BHS 2000
 2nd Class Petty Officer/E-5. Stationed in Jacksonville, FL at HSL-42. Spent time deployed on the USS Vicksburg for Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Now back in Jacksonville, FL at HSL-42.
Navy Lamar Kennedy - BHS 2000 Updated 8/14/08
NAS Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Navy Anthony Walker - BHS 2000
Stationed in San Diego on the U.S.S. Pelelui (LHA-5).
Navy John Gearhart - BHS 1999  Updated 7/13/07
I am an Aviation Electrician's Mate Second Class Petty Officer or (AE2) attached to strike fighter squadron 106 or (VFA106).  I work on the FA-18 E/F Super Hornet. I hope everything is goin well in Lynchburg. Hopefully I can get some time off to catch a football game or two this fall.
Navy Jason Brown - BHS 1999  Updated 11/21/10
Aviation Mechanic. Formerly stationed at Patuxent, Maryland while active. Now E-5 in Reserves. Living in Appomattox VA. Coaching Baseball in Appomattox and a recent MBA Graduate from Liberty. Employed by Lynchburg Health and Rehab.
Navy Tommy Frank - BHS 1998
Currently based out of Norfolk Naval Base and will be heading to Iraq in Nov. 2005
Navy Timothy D. Dunaway - BHS 1998 - Updated 2/12/08
 I'm a Aviation Warfare Systems Operator, Petty Officer First Class. Currently stationed at Kaneohe MCBH, HI. Conducted combat flight operations in support of Operation Southern Watch, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Iraqi Freedom(x2). Recently, completed my 3rd tour, boots on the ground in Iraq, conducting Base Defense operations with 1st Cavalry 151st Regional Support Garrison. Currently, a Weapons Tactics Instructor at CPRW-2, I train up the Combat Aircrews prior to deploying all over the world. I have a wonderful wife, Christine, and two awesome sons, Gabriel and Christopher.
Navy Eric Compher - BHS 1997
Submarine USS Ohio, Seattle, Washington
Navy Patrick T. Johnson - BHS 1997
Sasebo, Japan
Navy Matt Clark - BHS 1996 - Updated 2/18/08
Currently assigned to the USS KIDD (DDG 100) in San Diego
Navy Ben Cooper - BHS 1996
Currently I am stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I am married with two kids. A little girl 4, and a boy 13 months.
Navy Kathryn "Jacovitch" Kreuzer - BHS 1996
I joined the Navy in 1999 as a Nuclear Electrician. As an E-4, I was picked up for an Officer's Program, was sent back to college by the Navy and received a commission upon my graduation from Old Dominion University with a BS in Nursing. Currently I am an 0-1/ ENS, stationed at Portsmouth Naval Hopspital. I have been married for seven years to another sailor and we have a beautiful five year old daughter.
Navy Keith Vaughan - BHS 1994
Currently active duty military, serving in the United States Navy as a Master-At-Arms, soon to be stationed in Portsmouth. I am happily married to my best friend, my love...Dana (Heritage grad). We have four beautiful children...Ryan, Christian, Ashlyn-Ruth, and our baby, Grayson. Couldn't ask for anything more.
Navy Jeff Downs - BHS 1990 - Updated 7/12/10
Chief Petty Officer (E-7); Legalman (paralegal). Currently with the Seabees as the Force Legalman for First Naval Construction Division, in Virginia Beach, VA, serving for 19 years.
Navy Rob Speight - BHS 1989
Lieutenant, Chief Engineer, Jacksonville, Florida
Navy Scott Eanes - BHS 1988  - Updated 4/23/08
After BHS graduation, I went to Germany for a year. I came back and went to Virginia Military Institute and received a B.A. in International Studies. While there, I returned to Germany as an exchange student for my Junior year. During that year, I met my wife, Inga. After college, I was commissioned in the Navy and went on to qualify as a “ship driver” and now as a Naval Flight Officer. We have been stationed all over the country including Rhode Island, Norfolk, California, Florida, Alabama and now Nebraska (not a lot of water for a Navy guy here).
Navy Bill Murphy - BHS 1978
Chief in the US Navy Reserves. Served in Bahrain from Feb. to July 2003.

Air Force

Air Force Robert W Toth - BHS 2011 Updated as of 8/4/14

Currently stationed at Presidio of Monterey in Monterey, California.
studying Arabic to become an Airborne Cryptological Linguist. 1A8X1.
Rank: A1C (Airman 1st Class)
Air Force Michael Dill - BHS 2005 - Updated as of 7/27/11
Rank: Senior Airman, Duty Station: Scott AFB, IL,  Served Since: 21 May 07
Air Force Josh Powers - BHS 2005 - Updated 12/21/07
I am currently serving in the Air Force currently stationed at Sheppard Air Force base, Texas untill May 2008. I am training to be a HVAC apprentice ( heating ventilaton and air conditioning), and will be leaving for Mountain Home air Force Base, Idaho in May 2008.
Air Force Amy Suzanne Maddox - BHS 2005  - Updated 9/10/07
 I am currently serving our country in the United States Air Force. I have been in a little over 7 months. I went to basic training in San Antonio, TX where I also had my tech school training to become a security forces member. I am now stationed in Cape Cod, Massachusetts where I will be fulfilling my duties as a cop but also taking classes to become a registered nurse. My sister Lauren Maddox is senior this year at Brookville. I am not married and I have no kids.
Air Force Richard Simmons - BHS 2005  - Updated 8/16/07  or
I am currently in the USAF and stationed at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. I am in the 49 CES as a Civil Engineer and currently waiting to deploy to Iraq in December. My email is
Air Force Jeremy Gayer - BHS 2004
Air Force Alicia Tucker - BHS 2003
Alicia finished basic training in Oct. 2003 and finished tech school in Dec. of 2003 and is working as a EMT/ Medical Technician, stationed at Wright- Patterson AFB, Ohio
Air Force Devay Carter - BHS 2002
Guidance Counselor Traci Scott's Step-son
Air Force Monica Watts Fray - BHS 2002  - Updated 3/28/07
Married a fellow airmen Stephen Fray on March 9, 2005.  We are expecting our first child in October 2007. I am serving my country in the Air Force with the rank of Senior Airman, and currently living in Wyoming. I miss everyone bunches, and hope life has been good to them as it has been to me. God Bless!
Air Force Jared Wright - BHS 2001
Now stationed at Misawa AFB Japan
Air Force Michael Farnsworth - BHS 1999 
Barksdale AFB. LA.  I am on an operations flight which forecasts for Air Force and Army bases in 7 states called "Tornado Alley."
Air Force DJ Kinney - BHS 1998
E-4 SrA.  Engineering Assistant Langley AFB
Air Force Rollin Yeatts - BHS 1998
Air Force Channon Dalton - BHS 1997  - Japan
Air Force Ricky Smith - BHS 1996
Joined in 1998. Staff Sergeant/E-5. Pope AFB NC Home Unit.
Currently Undisclosed location in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Air Force Frank James - BHS 1996
Wright-Patterson AFB. Computer Programmer.
Air Force Terry Wooldridge - BHS 1995
I served six years of active duty in the Air Force (1996-2002).  I was stationed at Patrick Air Force Base, Cocoa Beach Florida, Clear Air Station, Alaska and MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa Florida. I was deployed to the Middle East three times for OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM and OPERATION SOUTHERN WATCH.  I am now in the Active Reserve and hold the rank of MSgt as a Firefighter. I am a Firefighter/EMT for the City of Melbourne in Florida. I am married and we are expecting our first child in February 2006.
Air Force DeWayne Rhodes - BHS 1995
US Air Force Academy
Air Force Robert E. Allen III - BHS 1994
SSgt, USAF, 10th SFS/Unit Training Manager. USAF Academy, CO.
Air Force Shannon Ketron Arnold - BHS 1994
SRA, Air Force. Accounting Liason,  Pope AFB, NC
Air Force Larry Eubank - BHS 1992
Air Force, Serving in Colorado
Air Force Jimmy Vaughan - BHS 1985   - Updated 11/12/11
Retired from the Air Force after serving almost 26 years.
Formerly with Detachment 2, 605th Test & Evaluation Squadron, Melbourne, Florida
Air Force Lance Souther - BHS 1980
MSgt ,  USAF. System Administrator ,  Tyndall AFB FL

Coast Guard

Coast Guard Andrew Vicks - BHS 2002   - Updated 3/16/09
Rank: LTJG.   Commanding Officer of USCGC Alligator (WPB 87372) , the Coast Guard's newest 87 foot patrol boat based out of St. Petersburg, FL
TV News Clip about the Alligator
Coast Guard Josh Waller - BHS 2000
Machinery Technician Class "A" School. Yorktown, VA
Coast Guard Chris Cumberland - BHS 2000
Ensign.  Communications Officers on the USCG Bear out of Portsmouth, VA
Coast Guard Paul Jones - BHS 1999.
Serving on the
USCG Boutwell near San Francisco, CA
Coast Guard Robert Wallin - BHS 1999 - Updated 10/12/08
Operations Specialist in Charge (OS1 / E-6).
After spending 6 years in Milwaukee, WI as a Search & Rescue Coordinator on the Great Lakes I decided it was time to get back on board another ship. I am currently stationed on USCGC VIGOROUS, home ported in Cape May, NJ. Look me up if you're ever on the Jersey Shore.
Coast Guard Steve Webb - BHS 1998
MST2 (Marine Science Technician) US Coast Guard Oklahoma City, OK
Coast Guard Mike Pillow - BHS 1997 - Updated 6/29/08
I am currently stationed on USCGC ESCANABA home ported in Boston, Massachusetts. Our primary missions are counter narcotic operations and fisheries regulation. If any of you are ever in Boston please get in touch.  It would be nice to get a beer and remember stupid stuff.  Hope all of you clowns are doing well.
Coast Guard Joshua Summers - BHS 1997
E-6.   Boston, MA
Coast Guard David Vicks - BHS 1996
U.S. Coast Guard.  Rank: LTJG
Station: Coast Guard Sector Mobile. Location: Mobile,  Alabama
Position: Sector Command Center Chief.
Duties: Supervise Command Center operations pertaining to Search & Rescue, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Marine Safety, etc. 
Coast Guard Kimberly Bailey Causer - BHS 1993
Staff Sgt in the Military Police Corp station at FORT RICHARDSON, AK.
We are set to deploy for a year in Afghanistan.
Kimberly's husband, Staff Sgt David Causer is also currently serving in the Military Police Corp station at FORT RICHARDSON, AK.

National Guard

Nat'l Guard Jesse Cruise - BHS 2005 -  Updated 10/22/09
Recently retuned back to the states following 2nd tour in Iraq, serving the Guard as a Combat Medic.
Nat'l Guard Keith Gottberg - BHS 2002  -  Updated 8/28/07
I served in Afghanistan from July '04 to July '05. I have been deployed again since June '07. I'll be in Iraq this time starting in September and should serve for a year deployment.
SPC Keith Gottberg
Nat'l Guard James Gerlinger - BHS 2002   -  Updated 3/17/08
Sgt. James Gerlinger was been deployed for 15-18 months to Kosovo beginning August, 2006 as part of a Nato Task Force. James returned in November 2007 from 15 months in Kosovo and is now an instructor at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. That’s the place where a lot of military personnel go after being deployed but before going overseas. He’ll be there until February 2009.
Nat'l Guard Nicholas Riddlebarger - BHS 2001
Pvt.  Aberdeen, MD
Nat'l Guard David Mays - BHS 2001
PFC.  Cuba
Nat'l Guard Vinson Ford - BHS 1997
After being called to active duty in the Army National Guard, Vinson reported for special  training in March 2004  before being deployed to Afghanistan in July 2004. He was attached to the 3/116th from Winchester, Virginia, which was actually Stonewall Jackson's brigade during the Civil War (cool!). SPC Ford safely returned home to Rustburg on July 31, 2005, after serving overseas for a year. His wife (Stephanie, a nurse) and son (Steven, 6 years old) bravely held the home fort while he was away. We are all thankful he is home again.
Nat'l Guard Chris Doss - BHS 1990 - Updated 1/20/09
Major Chris Doss has been deployed to Afghanistan as of January 2009. He is at forward operations base Orgun E and will be there until November, 2009. This is Chris's second deployment in three years. Previously he was deployed in Iraq. He is still with the 276 Engineering Battallion in Richmond, VA.
(Chris is the nephew of BHS Teacher Judy Gibson).
Nat'l Guard Scott Nivens - BHS 1990 - Updated 7/30/08
First Lieutenant (Infantry), Virginia Army National Guard 2/116th INF Guantanamo Bay, Cuba 2002-2003 3/116th INF Tikrit, Iraq August 2007-April 2008
Nat'l Guard Timothy J. Palmer - BHS 1987  - Updated 1/29/11
I am a 1987 graduate of BHS and am a Major in the Army National Guard stationed in Arlington, Va. I am a 1991 graduate of Virginia Tech and spent 4 years in the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets. I was commissioned in 1991 and was on active duty until 1995 during which time I was stationed in Germany. I entered service in the Oklahoma Army National Guard in 1997 and have been Active Guard Reserve (AGR) since 2000. I deployed to Afghanistan in 1997-1998 for 15 months.
Nat'l Guard SSG Mark Vance - Class of 1983
Aberdeen, Maryland


Brookville Bees Married to Military Spouses Currently Serving Our Country

This page is dedicated to honoring Brookville High School Alumni who are married to spouses who are currently serving their country in the military.  These brave graduates and their spouses also need your prayers every day. They support their military spouses every day in their commitment to serving our country. They are your classmates, sons-in-laws, daughter-in-laws,  relatives.


Marines - Bees Married to Military Spouses

Marines Jenna Jenschke King - BHS 2004
Married to CPL Ryan King (Heritage HS, 2002).  Currently stationed in Quantico, VA
Update 10/13/06:  Mannesa Ann King was born on 10/13/06 at 12:07 AM
Weight: 6 Lbs. 7 Oz., Length: 19.5 Inches
Marines Jennifer Lewis Arnold -  BHS 1998 - Updated 1/11/13
Married in August 2000 to Gunny Sgt Fordys Arnold, USMC (Heritage HS-1997). As of July 2013, we have moved to Greensboro, NC. We lived in Chesterfield near Richmond for almost 4 years and after that, Mechanicsburg, PA for 2 years, while Fordys was working in 4th District US Marine Headquarters in New Cumberland, PA. Prior to Chesterfield, we lived in Roanoke and Lynchburg.  We expect to be in Greensboro about 2 years. Fordys is NCOIC running the Greensboro USMC Recruting Station. After this, we may possibly be in the Raleigh-Durham area. We have 2 sons, Zack (April 2003) and Ryan (October 2006).
Visit this website for some pictures and more information:
and also our Facebook page at:
Marines Robin Fore-Turner - BHS 1998
Currently, I'm married to a wonderful, Tywan Turner, who is a SSgt of the Marine Corps. We have two beautiful children together Ty Jr. (3) and Aliyah Shai(2). We live in Beaufort, SC where we are stationed with all of the hungry alligators. I am a stay a home mom, running a small businesses in childcare and direct sales, director of a food pantry at my local church, youth pastor and I am currently working on my business degree (since my early childhood education is out of the way). Sounds like I don't have much time, but somehow I do it....just don't ask how. My plans for the future are to build a community with a school and businesses geared toward rehabilitating people and pointing them to their destiny. We plan to accomplish this when my husband retires from the Marine Corps (or get out which ever comes first). Look out for me on "People" Magazine or something.  

Army - Bees Married to Military Spouses


Melanie Hayslett Roberts - BHS 2002
Married to SPC. Jonathon W. Roberts, 
We have 2 children, Madison Nicole Roberts, (4) and Hannah Elizabeth Roberts (1). We are currently stationed at Fort Polk, LA, but are PCSing in Feb. 2005 to Fort Lewis, WA.  Jonathon served in Baghdad, Iraq from April 2003 - April 2004 and in Najaf, Iraq from April 2004 - June 2004 with 2 ACR


Sarah Crowder Snow - BHS 2001
Married to Alex Snow.
Fort Benning, GA.
Alex is currently on his second tour to Iraq, and should be back sometime in '06. We have two children. 


Kendra Read Matthews - BHS 1998
I'm married to Spc. Leroy Matthews,III and our home is Ft. Bragg,North Carolina, home of the Paratroopers and Specila Ops, Go Army!  We are doing just fine down here in the heat! 

I'm also happy to announce that our first child has finally arrived!  He was suppose to be born on July 26th but didn't get here until August 5th. He was 7 lbs and 11 oz. His name is Isaiah Thomas Matthews and he's growing like a weed!

My husband has been in Iraq since mid September 2006, and won't be home until next year. So please keep him in your prayers. 

I am trying to go back to school to finish my degree. We found a wonderful church to go to. Not only am I praying for you guys but I"m always praying for our troops. Being married to one can become a bit stressful at times but remember to always lean and depend on Jesus and everything will be alright!

I just wanted to say hello to everyone, and e-mail me when ever you can. I hope to see you all very soon


Melissa Anderson Davison - BHS 1997
Married to Sgt. Rob Davison. BHS 1998
Killeen, TX

Navy - Bees Married to Military Spouses

Navy Becky Mix - BHS 2005 - Updated 3/31/08
I will be a proud Navy wife on June 15th, 2008. I am graduating from LU in May 2008. My fiance is a United States Navy Corpsman, Sean G. Walters. He went to Heritage High School, and we have been together over 4 years and engaged since August 2007. Together we will be stationed in Beaufort, SC at the Marine Corps Air Station.
Navy April Surratt Clark - BHS 2001
Married Joshua Clark,  BHS 2001.
Joshua is currently serving aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt and has served two tours Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Josh and April were married on June 12, 2004
Navy LaToya Potter - BHS 2001
Engaged to Sean Dixon, BHS 2001.
USS Harry S. Truman, Mediterranean Sea, out of Norfolk, VA

Air Force - Bees Married to Military Spouses

Air Force Tanya Phillips Smith - BHS 1994
Married in 1996 to Richard Smith, BHS 1996
Richard is a SSgt in the Air Force and we are stationed at Pope AFB N.C 
Air Force Robin Menhart Farmer -  BHS 1982
My husband, Bill, is serving in the Air Force. We are stationed at Mountain Home AFB in Idaho. He is an Air Traffic Controller. Thanks for remembering all our troops. They need our prayers.

Coast Guard - Bees Married to Military Spouses

Coast Guard  

National Guard - Bees Married to Military Spouses

Nat'l Guard Shelley Warren Vance - BHS 1984
Married to SSG Mark Vance, BHS 1983
Aberdeen Maryland
Nat'l Guard Lisa Dube' Worley - BHS 1991
Married to SSG Raleigh Worley, from Appomattox.
Right now, Raleigh is home and we are waiting for orders for a possible second deployment.

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Almighty Father, whose command is over all and whose love never fails, make me aware of Thy presence and obedient to Thy will. Keep me true to my best self, guarding me against dishonesty in purpose and deed and helping me to live so that I can face my fellow Marines, my loved ones and Thee without shame or fear. Protect my family. Give me the will to do the work of a Marine and to accept my share of responsibilities with vigor and enthusiasm. Grant me the courage to be proficient in my daily performance. Keep me loyal and faithful to my superiors and to the duties my country and the Marine Corps have entrusted to me. Make me considerate of those committed to my leadership. Help me to wear my uniform with dignity, and let it remind me daily of the traditions which I must uphold. If I am inclined to doubt, steady my faith; if I am tempted, make me strong to resist; if I should miss the mark, give me courage to try again. Guide me with the light of truth and grant me the wisdom by which I may understand the answer to my prayer.

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