Paul Brewer
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Mr. Paul "The Bear" Brewer, former BHS Principal, passed away Monday morning, March 15, 2010.
It is not only a sad day in the hive, but for anyone involved in education or sports in this area since the late '60s. This man loved his students and fought and worked to give them the great school we have. The number of people this man touched in a positive way goes on and on. We miss you Mr. B.

The funeral for Mr. Brewer will be on Wednesday March 17th, at 1:00 PM at Timberlake United Methodist Church and the visitation with family is after the service.

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Name: Jane Petty '72
E-mail address:
Comments: I had the great honor of knowing Paul and being a part of his family during my high school and college years. He was like a father to me and I will never forget his smile and the wonderful memories I cherish of my times with them. I got to see the many sides of him both at school and at home. He loved his family, friends, and his students. Thank you 'Bear' were loved and we will all miss you.

To Peggy, Lynn, JoAnn, Mike, and Craig - you are in my thoughts and prayers during this time.
Sunday, March 21st 2010 - 09:00:11 AM
Name: Karen DeSha
E-mail address:
Comments: My deepest sympathies to Mr. Brewer's family; I know God will be with you all through this difficult time. I will miss seeing Mr. Brewer at the class reunions with that side ways smile, always joking and remembering with ease the names of every attending alumni. He was always quick to point out he had not seen me in his office in 20 or 30 years! Such a great loss; we will all miss Mr. Brewer.
Friday, March 19th 2010 - 11:59:26 PM
Name: Charles L. Heptinstall
E-mail address:
Comments: Thank you Mr. Brewer.
Class of 71
Peace be with you!!
Thursday, March 18th 2010 - 05:15:52 PM
Name: Lisa Almond Mayhew
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Comments: My thoughts and prayers are with the Brewer Family during this most difficult of times. Mr. Brewer was a wonderful principal and mentor to all of us who had the pleasure of being a student at BHS during his tenure. I was a graduate of 1983 and in my senior year had the pleasure of working as a student aide in the office. Every day, Mr. Brewer would have something humorous to say. He made a point to speak to everyone. I had the pleasure of running in to him a few years ago at McDonalds. I gave him a big hug and asked if he remembered me, he called me by name. He remembered all of his students. A testament to his genuine love of BHS and all of his students. I will miss him deeply. My love always "Papa Bear"!
Thursday, March 18th 2010 - 09:46:52 AM
Name: Ralph Hudnall
E-mail address:
Comments: Class of 75.

Mr. Brewer was a very special person. He really seemed to understand what a kid in the '70's was going through and always had the right words. Not always kind words (I could be a real jerk), but they were always the RIGHT ones.

RIP, Papa Bear.
Wednesday, March 17th 2010 - 04:20:08 PM
Name: Cindy Vormittag Taylor '85
E-mail address:
Comments: My thoughts and prayers go out to the Brewer family. I was sent to Mr. Brewer's office a couple of times. He was a a very kind, compassionate and fair principal.
Tuesday, March 16th 2010 - 08:01:19 PM
Name: Rebecca Gentry
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Comments: My thoughts and prayers are with the Brewer family. How lucky all of us who knew and learned from Mr. Brewer are -- hsi lessons of generosity, hard work and making a difference will be reminders to us all. Thank you for all you did for each of us. I know my fellow classmates from the class of 1990 will always be grateful.

rebecca gentry
Tuesday, March 16th 2010 - 06:56:09 PM
Name: Blake Myers
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Comments: Blake Myers, BHS Class of 1971.
I will always remember Papa Bear as a special man and one larger than life – I knew him as both our High School Principal and the Father of one of my best friends and basketball & baseball teammate, Mike. We could always feel the Bear’s presence, knowing he was there to encourage, guide and teach us, a well as to “straighten us out” when we needed it. Along with my own Daddy, Bear was one of several father figures, who let us enjoy high school and being kids, but did not hesitate to reach out and reel us in when we pushed the envelop a bit too far. So many owe so much to this man for his love of community, school, students and family. Many thanks Papa Bear!
Tuesday, March 16th 2010 - 06:22:00 PM
Name: Dan Neal
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Comments: Paul Brewer wasn't just a principal, he was a true Brookville "statesman".
Tuesday, March 16th 2010 - 01:25:09 PM
Name: Michele Ward Davis
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Comments: My Thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Mr. Paul Brewer. He was a great man and a superb principle I use to visit him every day in the office just to chat he really cared about people and his life shows it in many ways he will be missed . I graduated 1983...May God Bless his family.
Tuesday, March 16th 2010 - 11:44:53 AM
Name: Murrell "Flip" Phillips
E-mail address:
Comments: Paul will be sadly missed. Proud to say he was my friend. Lynchburg will never be the same now that he is gone; but never forgotten.
Tuesday, March 16th 2010 - 11:32:24 AM
Name: Annette Maddox Dalton
E-mail address:
Comments: My Thought and prayers are with the family of Mr. Brewer. He will always be remember for his great work a Brookville High School. I was a graduate of 1980 when he was there. He will be missed.
Tuesday, March 16th 2010 - 10:41:10 AM
Name: Kathryn McElhaney Worley
E-mail address:
Comments: Thoughts and prayers to Mr. Brewer's family, he was a great guy and I am so thankful to have had him as my principal. God speed "Papa" Bear.
Tuesday, March 16th 2010 - 10:20:07 AM
Name: Thomas Bryant
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Comments: Class of '77
Mr. Brewer has remained one of the solid icons of Brookville memories. There are others, certainly, who come to mind, however Mr. Brewer was like the glue that held together all the big names who moved through the school circuit. When speaking of that era, one cannot skip the man that made Brookville who they/we were! God bless him and his family. We will remember...
Tuesday, March 16th 2010 - 10:17:09 AM
Name: Michelle Hughes
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Comments: Hw will be missed he i had the joy of being with him at Brookville high school for 2 years he was always very nice and he will be missed.
Tuesday, March 16th 2010 - 10:04:34 AM
Name: Linda Dudding Brown
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Comments: To a very young girl high school can be overwhelming. Although I never had many conversations with Mr. Brewer I always felt that as long as he was there all was well. He radiated confidence, control and caring. For what ever reason I have always felt great love for him. My heart goes out to his family and I will forever hold him in memory.
Tuesday, March 16th 2010 - 09:44:08 AM
Name: Pam (Wood) Foster
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Comments: Papa Bear Brewer was my principal from the 8th to the 12th grade. Even when we "ticked him off", he always remained calm and had that "I'm not mad sideways grin on his face." He was the most understanding, patient man I ever met and he will never be forgotten. Heaven definitely has a special angel now. Thank you Mr. Brewer for being such a wonderful role model to all of us at the Bee Hive.
Tuesday, March 16th 2010 - 09:41:14 AM
Name: Steve George
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Comments: Class of '89... My sincere condolences go out to the Brewer family. Mr. Brewer always had the best interests at heart for his students, facility and staff. He just simply had a presence about him, whether at an athletic event supporting his students, or walking the halls during the school day. That presence made you aware of two things: the need to stay on the straight and narrow and an overriding feeling of security and support. He was a true leader and someone all students looked up to. Mr. Brewer always handled the good times and the difficult times with grace, compassion, humor and a fatherly touch. You'll be sorely missed.
Tuesday, March 16th 2010 - 09:29:18 AM
Name: Trisha Brady
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Comments: Class of thoughts and prayers go out to the Brewer family and the hive. What a loss. He was a good man and will be greatly missed. What a fabulous legacy he left behind. God Bless.
Tuesday, March 16th 2010 - 07:47:57 AM
Name: Butch PerDieu
E-mail address:
Comments: class of '77, although i was there from 8th through 11th grades until moving on to Rustburg for my senor year. So i missed having Mr. B. handing me my diploma. Still, words can not do this man justice. He was a well respected man that put the welfare of his students & teachers 1st. He will always be wondering the hallways of the beehive. RIP kind sir & thanks.
Tuesday, March 16th 2010 - 07:01:33 AM
Name: Janice "Walker" Bowes
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Comments: I was under Paul Brewer's care from 8th to 12th grades. 1969 to 1974. He was a great principal and loved by all. Brookville has lost another "great" one.
Tuesday, March 16th 2010 - 05:57:47 AM
Name: Woodroof Family
E-mail address:
Comments: Had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Brewer a couple of times and he was a very kind man. I have heard so many positive things about what a great man he was at Brookville. I know that he will be sadly missed. Our prayers go out to his wife and children and grand-children and many others. May God give them the strength that they will need to get through this sad time in their lives. May they hold many fond and happy memories in their hearts and cherish them for the rest of their lives.
Tuesday, March 16th 2010 - 05:57:10 AM
Name: Rhonda Adkins
E-mail address:
Comments: My thoughts & prayers are with Mr.Brewer's family. I loved
going to Brookville High School. I remember when Mr.Brewer
handed me my diploma in 1990 I was so happy! The class of
1990 was his last class. He will be missed! He will always
be remember as a Bee Forever!
Tuesday, March 16th 2010 - 12:46:31 AM