September 22 and 23, 2006

Reunion Recap from Sonya Combs

Hello Fellow Bees!

The 30 Year Reunion went very well!  On Friday night, we met at Brookville Middle School and fellowshipped for about an hour or so before the game. Many of us went over to the school for the home game.  The game was great as Brookville won.  However, I talked too much to be able to tell you anything about it.  After the game, several of us went to Neighbors Restaurant where we continued to bond on the patio by the fire.

On Saturday, classmates began to gather at Charley’s restaurant where we had a nice private banquet room reserved for us.  We were packed!  There were approximately 55 people there.  We had a few fellow Bees from other classes, and were happy and thankful to have them join us.  We had an absolutely great time and great food.  There were many who could not make it for personal reasons – sickness, work, children, distance or prior commitments.  We were sorry you could not be with us.  Hopefully, next time!

I personally want to thank my committee members who were so supportive and helpful in helping me to make this happen:
Vickie Bomar, Donna Goff, Winnie Tinnell, Sandy Eanes, Mary Weaver and Jim Scott.

I also want to thank those people who sent monetary donations to help us with the expenses in making this event happen and making it the success that it was:
Ray Bolen, Robert Keefer, Michael Board, Hank and Debbie Reeves, Sandy Eanes, Kirk and Karen Simpson and LeRoy Barksdale.

We had a “In Memory Of” table to honor our classmates who have passed away since
our graduation: 
Paul Canada, Mark Chavez, Gary Dearing, Bob Fisher, Jimmy Garbee, Karen Johnson,
Sibyl Mast, Freddie Shepard, Jackie Pages, David Whitley, Terry Wilkes and Garnett Wilson.

(If anyone knows of anyone else, please let me know as we want to always remember our
fellow classmates.)

OK, so here we are ready to CONTINUE and to plan for a 35 YEAR REUNION!  We only have 5 years to go and as we all know, it’ll be here before you know it.  I need all the help I can get.  All it takes is a little bit from everyone possible, and we can make it a reunion for BHS History!  I would like to send a spread sheet, to all those who would like to help, with all our classmates on them.  I will need any missing information you can help with.  Everybody knows somebody!

Please stay in touch! Let’s keep this going!  Our ’76 class was a great year to remember – let’s keep the SPIRIT OF ’76 Alive!!!

Thanks so much to each and everyone of you!