Brookville Yearbooks

Acknowledgements - From Jim Elder, BHS Class of 1958

Brookville High School Yearbooks 1937 – 1970

This project was inspired by Phyllis Coleman, who expressed a desire to see all the BHS yearbooks on the Internet. Since I had the interest, the time, and a scanner, I decided to work on it. Over the course of about two years, 34 yearbooks have been scanned.

Phyllis also provided the cover photos used in the top directory. These came from her book “A Place Called Brookville”.

Many thanks to Larry Lewis for providing technical advice regarding ways to prepare and present the books on a web site and for doing the work to place the files on the website site.

Thanks to Brookville High School Principal, Bruce Abbott, for allowing me access to the BHS Library’s collection of yearbooks. Thanks also to Librarian, Karen Reynolds, for all her help.

Thanks to Virginia Hodges (Wife of Ashby Hodges (’38)), Earl Driskill (’44), and Sandra Phlegar Weigand (’59) for loaning me their books to scan.

Brookville’s first yearbook, The Script, was published in 1937. There are several reasons why the effort stopped with the 1970 book. Mr.Abbott, in consultation with the Campbell County school superintendent and county lawyers, felt that we should not publish recent books on the web because of privacy concerns. I wanted to go past 1969 to include Larry Lewis (’68) and his wife, Susan Rowland Lewis (’69). After 1970, the yearbooks are larger and do not fit on my scanner. I was getting tired of all this scanning and wanted to bring the project to an end. The later years will be left to the younger lions.

The high-resolution scans are 600 dpi using a 16 bit grayscale. Pages with photos were descreened at 175 lpi. to eliminate moiré patterns. Covers and the few pages with color were scanned at 200 dpi to reduce file size. Color pictures were also descreened at 175 lpi.

The files used on the web pages are derived from the original high resolution scans. They are constrained to 1024 pixel height.

Some editing has been done using Photoshop to erase any very personal messages, like “Best of luck to you and Shirley”. I typically just erased the “and Shirley”.
Some books have photos of BHS that cover 2 pages. I tried to combine these in PhotoShop for a nice big photo.

Jim Elder, BHS 1958

Note from Larry Lewis, owner/editor - started September 1996:
Jim Elder spent many hours scanning these yearbooks. During that time, and since then, my health has taken a priority, and the interface I had in mind is incomplete. If my health improves, maybe one day I can improve it. For now, all pages are viewable, just not so user-friendly. Thanks to Jim Elder and Phyllis Coleman for their patience with me.

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