Virus Information Links
Links Updated 6/22/2000

How to Identify Spyware
How to tell if your PC has Spyware on it
Norton Internet Security - My recommendation for protection

More information and suggestions on Spyware Removal Tools

Virus News From Yahoo - Virus News From Symantec

Latest Virus Alerts
Read about E-Mail Spoofing viruses
Read about password stealing viruses

ALWAYS check the hoax links below to see if its a real virus or a hoax
BEFORE sending e-mail to dozens of people.

Keep your Virus Definitions Updated!
DO NOT open e-mail with attachments ending with these suffixes:
.vbs   .pif   .lnk  .bat   .exe   .scr

Symantec (Norton Antivirus)
Home Page (Antivirus Center) - Virus Hoaxes - Virus Encyclopedia
What is a Virus -  Latest Definitions Download Page

Network Associates (McAfee)
Home Page - Virus Information

F-Secure (formerly Data Fellows) (F-Prot)
Home Page - Virus Hoaxes - Virus News

Stiller Research
Home Page - Virus Myths - Virus Hoaxes
Virus News How Viruses Work

Urband Legends & Hoaxes
Including Internet & E-Mail Hoaxes

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