Memories of Bees memorial pages are intended for students that pass away while they are still a student at BHS or have recently graduated, and also for former faculty/staff of BHS.
A short announcement for the passing of other Bees
can be posted for a short time.
Memorial Pages

Elizabeth Closs, Class of 2014
Elizabeth passed away on Saturday April 11th, 2015
Obituary for Elizabeth Closs

Larbie Mensah, Class of 2013
Larbie passed away April 7, 2012

Brittany Alexandra Beaulieu, Class of 2009
Brittany passed away on February 1, 2012
She had been attending CVCC.
Brittany's Obituary From News & Advance

David "Hutch" Hutchinson, Class of 2011
Hutch passed away November 4th, 2011

Thomas Jeter, Class of 2004
Thomas passed away October 24, 2011

Jacob Warrender, Class of 2010
Jacob passed away on Sunday May 27th, 2010
Obituary for Jacob Warrender

Luke and Hutch Memorial Gazebo - Donor List
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your contributions
to the Bosiger-Hutchinson Memorial!

Jonathan Lyons, Class of 2003
Lucas Bosiger, Class of 2008
Paul Brewer
Former Principal of Brookville High School
William "Click" McKenna
Mr. McKenna taught at Brookville for 28 years

Amber Nicole Simms, Class of 2010
David Lee Metzler, Class of 2008
Mariah Lynn Pitts, Class of 2012
Jim Whorley

Former Math Teacher, Coach, and Principal of Brookville High School
 Scott Wright

Former History Teacher & Track Coach at Brookville High School
Adam Witt, Class of 2008
Steven Michael Jones, Class of 1999
Dane Austin Miller, Class of 1998
Stephen Boswell, Class of 2003
Katie Kittel, Class of 2007
Branden Dale Miller, Class of 2009
Destini Phelps, Class of 2008
Rhyan Hamilton, Class of 2004
Travis Cox, Class of 2002

Lisa Fleshman, Class of 2000
Ben Maddox, Class of 1999
Chris Fielding, Class of 1997

Beth Cowras, Class of 1997
Kristie Staples Adkins, Class of 1995

Jeff Landrum, Class of 1995
David Barker, Class of 1995

Preston Coleman, Class of 1988
Carter Martin, Class of 1972
Link thanks to National EMS Memorial Service
Bridge Dedicated To Carter Martin
Eddie Martin, Class of 1968

Former Student and Football Coach
"Boolie" Martin
Former LRES Secretary, School Board Member, and Mother of Eddie & Carter
Judy Powell
Girls Basketball Coach
William E. Wright
Assistant Principal at Brookville for 34 years
Facebook Page - In Memory Of Those Lost In The Appomattox Shooting

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